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the gears of the twentieth century. influenced the course of history. the struggle. to figure this time zero. zero. zero and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in. parana coming up in the next sixty minutes protests continue in iran for the third consecutive day against the government. palestinians pay tribute to
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a man shot dead by israeli forces protesting over u.s. policy on jerusalem. perform a turkish soldier. last year. but both governments want that decision overturned and an uncertain future for tens of thousands of people and. there have been dramatic clashes on the third day of antigovernment protests and dozens of iranian students blockaded the gates to tehran university chanting slogans and police they were dispersed by security forces but the demonstration no sign of ending pizza shop has more. for the third day in a row the. in the streets fighting with police went on into the night
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anti-government protesters most of them students facing up to riot police outside tear on university but what began as a protest about rising food prices and welfare benefit cuts turned political on saturday. earlier in the day they chanted not gaza not lebanon my life err on the right. don't be afraid we're staying strong together. an expression of anger about claims the government is focusing more on regional issues than economic problems at home the iranian t.v. showed a display of strength by crowds of pro-government supporters in cities nationwide tens of thousands of people on the streets chanting death to america down with israel in support iran's supreme leader ali khamenei letter that people have protested against inflation other problems but that does not show that our people
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have turned on each other or are against the ruling system and their leadership. the pro-government rallies were pre-planned to mark the anniversary of the end of the unrest that shook the country in two thousand and nine unrest in iran prompted several tweets from the u.s. president on saturday warning oppressive regimes cannot into a forever many reports of peaceful protests bahraini and citizens fed up with the regime's corruption and squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad iranian government should respect their people's rights including rights to express themselves the world is watching for some sign there's been some disparate groups have been protesting whether it was sabre's who have lost their savings through these corrupt financial institutions whether his pension is no longer going their pensions will have to live on which was pensions as people worried about the environment this woman has all these groups and their intestinal protests. and you
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could see. the cold you could see that the atmosphere is going tense or intense most of all what you could see is that they no longer seem to fear from the security forces there in the. while this was a huge display of support for the iranian leadership the government will be concerned at just how quickly a protest about food prices could become political peter shop al jazeera. where many of the protesters are angry at rising food and fuel prices as well as cuts to welfare benefits there say they've been unfairly targeted in the recent budget claiming that religious institutions were untouched unauthorized lending practices have also caused the collapse of some financial institutions and loss of thousands of bank accounts while president hassan rouhani has vowed to clean up the banking sector and kick start the economy many complain progress is too slow iranian government leaders have long blamed u.s.
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sanctions some were lifted after the nuclear deal with world powers two years ago but unilateral american sanctions remain well let's get more on this now we're joined by mohan aap of the in an iran analyst at middle east die and he's joining us from oxford via skype very good to have you with eyes on al-jazeera so how do you assess what's going on in iran and what these protests are about as that report touched on you know they seem to have started because of the many economic what is that people are facing but it's now about more than just the economy as we've been hearing in those slogans but of course the government is maintaining and has maintained from the start that they were always motivated by more. indeed i think one of the interesting features of the recent protests is that they are non elitists you know in contrast to what happened when there were last major protests in iran back in two thousand and nine in the wake of the disputed presidential elections where the quarrel then was in trouble regime it was
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a quarrel within competing factions within the system and this one appears to be coming from the outside articulated by people who ostensibly have you know purely economic motives but i think in keeping with the iranian culture longstanding political culture inevitably these protests become political and inevitably very quickly they develop very expansive demands which i hold you are related to their immediate grievances for example people have been shouting slogans against foreign policy they've been disciplined bigotry for instance trying to contrast themselves on their arab neighbors saying oh no we're not arabs we shouldn't be involved in palestine lebanon etc and also most boring of all from the establishment want to you they've been calling for the overthrow of the system so i think contrary to what your reporter said now the iranian government would not be surprised by these demands because this is in keeping with iranian political culture protests inevitably become highly politicized and heidi radicalized very quickly and given
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the things that are being brought up now being asked for just how watery do you think the government while they about things protests which are unusual in iran they are unusual but i don't think they'll be unduly worried because the reformists the reformist wing within the system is not supporting this movement and is the reformist looking really give that critical mass and the leadership and the direction to a proper protest movement as a caring back in two thousand and nine because a genuine threat to the establishment this fire it's this spirit is scattered and is relative to the although it appears to be nationwide but it doesn't appear to have much depth and i think the. the response of the security forces so far has been instructive they haven't been too heavy handed and also very intriguing they haven't interrupted the nation's communication infrastructure as far as i know internet connectivity hasn't been disrupted mobile networks haven't been disrupted
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so your thought is if he is to be tolerating it to some point but if they continue and if they become more radicalized i think then the security forces will crack down hard on this ok so authorities not too worried by the sound of things and judging from the reaction so far so will the protests achieve anything do you think . well i think the only thing they can achieve is to apply some pressure on the current administration to go to the government of president rouhani now rouhani appears to have the right policies in there is what is the attitude of his government that really riles up the people this is a very elitist government they are bureaucratic elites that technocratic elites they they are very distant from the grievances of ordinary people and frankly some of the attitudes for example some of the leading ministers and parliamentarians some of the things that have said recently has come up and social media for instance one m.p. was recently complaining about his low salary and saying that when he was a university professor used to get almost double and hardly did any work for it is
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really royals are ordinary people who are struggling right now from the economic point of view so is the attitude of government ministers if issues and parliamentarians that's the real problem here not necessarily the policies that rouhani has put in place in order to turn the economy around isn't just the attitude of the government ministers what about the unelected elite who are also part of the government and that are often accused of standing in the way of reforms that the government might want to carry out introduce that that's a good question and it's quite interesting how the reformists instead of actually focusing on the people grievances and listening to some of the. more rational slogans which are being articulate than on the streets they are claiming that is the conservatives and the prince of that is it and the so-called non-elected bodies that you just alluded to who initially sparked off the demonstrations but you know the politics you know that the unintended lot of the digs conned into play and they
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get out of control i don't really buy that i think that the government is actually in charge of the economy i mean they're obviously other forces that they are but the government is in charge of the economy at the strategic level they are setting the policies and they promised to turn things around and they can no longer blame sanctions clearly some sanctions are still in place nuclear related sanctions haven't been fully lifted but nevertheless it may be a two and a half years into the into the nuclear the or the government should be delivering and i think unless these policies start to pay off and then this big government appears to be listening to the people taking their demands quite seriously we may see more of this they are not huge events necessarily they're not going to force out establishment they're not necessarily even going to perhaps pressure the government in changing things to radically but you know they could become the norm in the ram the other day in that it's very good to have very interesting to get your thoughts on this thank you for your time as milan but then joining us live from oxford thank you you're well let's move on to other news now and footage has
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emerged from syria showing children being rescued from the damascus suburb of eastern go following airstrikes rescuers are seen carrying two babies from everyone to building aid agencies evacuated twenty nine critically ill people this week including children from eastern got there as part of the day and what the syrian government they say the siege by government forces has caused a humanitarian emergency. now syrian rebels and their families have started to arrive in the region south of damascus after a deal with the government buses carrying about four hundred fighters and their families were allowed to leave the. shin and travel to and ed live the rebels lost to the syrian government and its allies in the heavy fighting earlier this month say in a hall there has more fun they haven't bathed in the last rebel pocket in the southwestern countryside of damascus it is a military gain for the syrian government and its allies they launched
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a massive military campaign two months ago the rebels were trapped in a small area they had no other choice really but to surrender we've seen this happen before intense bombardment and then pro-government forces impose a siege so the rebels have no choice but to surrender or die really but this is the importance of this is not just a military gain for the government it is again for iran iran expanding its influence in a corner of syria very strategic corner of syria it lies between the syrian israeli and lebanese borders which means iran's allies on the ground are moving closer to israel and israel really has been voicing a lot of concern about this as of late talking both to the russians as well as the americans telling them that they will not accept it round of moving closer to their borders in fact a few weeks ago they stepped up airstrikes in syria they weren't just targeting what they believed were arms convoys destined to the iranian ally hezbollah
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movement but we understand one of those strikes targeted close to an iranian military base a base that was being set up by iran and so it was a warning message from israel so not just another military game for the government again for iran and possibly it could be a source of tension in the near future. now in western syria families are starting to return home after years of displacement and caps across the country a temporary cease fire has provided some delay from the fighting there's no diplomatic solution and sight despite several rounds of talks some of in java it has more. the common cause to northwest syria is deceptive. the scenic village has business fierce fighting and now it's destroyed homes are unable to provide relief during the harsh winter. were some says he couldn't handle the conditions in the camps for the displaced and has decided to return despite the risks he's now content with the limited supplies he can get in his own village
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about that of us in general they are we've come back after four years in displacement camps home sweet home nothing on earth compares to our lovely a village we came back restored our house which was in ruins we also started to grow some wheat barley and more almost every syrian seems to have lost something also shares that loss as many of his friends and neighbors are gone. but his family is thankful for what they have and what they salvaged the northwestern part of hama provinces close to the course stronghold of the assad government rebel fighters were pushed out after months of fighting but a calm has prevailed since the attacks declined as part of a deescalation deal the bitter called keeps most people indoors local see around six hundred families have returned took a stone and it isn't easy to resume their lives. but there's no electricity the village lacks basic services like sewage and even schools most of
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the residents found their homes in ruin but they were turned to bring life back to normal. elsewhere in hama province aerial and ground attacks have continued the government and its allies deny the rebels accusations of violating the deescalation deal. this is the moment fighters say they shot down a military aircraft in hama activists say assad's forces have continued their push on the border between hama and in provinces. rebel groups have rejected the talks in sochi proposed by russia after the geneva process failed to achieve a pub to peace and as temperatures drop further in the seventh winter of serious conflict so do the hopes of finding a solution some of it job aid others there. the funerals being held for a palestinian man who was shot by israeli soldiers during a protest in gaza the twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinians confronted by the israeli military along the gaza border at least fifty people were injured. after the gun went off to do. the today morning
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from his injuries to ministry of health says he's a sixty seven to die in the on the rest in the violence the been sick the december the us president trump said america would recognize recently as the capital of israel but good. it's a very bad decision for the palestinian people the americans are supporting israel in our own land we are people in our homeland and have given a martyr for palestine and for jerusalem it's no more for the political factions in the armed groups in gaza whose leaders for the young men to go to the border protest to fund the sheen rules those are being killed this one is funded by the supported by the armed wing of fatah leaders every friday for the last month of protesters to go to the border the separation wall and fence that surrounds gaza are now about five or six different places that clash with the israeli soldiers
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fired tear gas some light bullets. and there's no sign that they're going to give up anytime soon. palestine has required it's a message to pakistan after he attended an event with the alleged mastermind of the two thousand and eight attacks there was an angry reaction in india when palestinian envoy. a speech in china stage with hafiz saeed is accused of planning the attacks both men were at a rally against u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. u.s. defense secretary james mattis is defending washington support of the solving that coalition fighting who revels in yemen matters says the u.s. is working with the sale of the alliance to limit civilian casualties as. advising on military tactics his comments follow un condemnation of the coalition's bombing campaign which has killed more than one hundred civilians in just ten days while elizabeth kendall is a senior research fellow with pembroke college at the university of oxford and she
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says the u.s. state that a significant because that acknowledges problems with the on go and coalition campaign. it makes great sense for matters to come out now at a time when its national pressure is growing against the saudi led coalition in saudi arabia to say that the u.s. is going to do its utmost to limit civilian casualties now his words were actually in the context of being quite defensive of the u.s. role what of course many people would like to see would be the u.s. come out and say there must be an end to the rule because a military solution to this conflict looks very unlikely now that we're in the surge here of this war with still no end in divorce the fact that he made them does acknowledge publicly that there is a problem with saudi targeting of its ass strikes in yemen and that in itself puts pressure on the coalition but of course america's interests are broader than that
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simply the war in yemen they're about terrorism and they're about transfer in iran so it's difficult to see how you can come out more more strongly against saudi arabia at this point given the other interests that the u.s. has. now three un agencies have issued a joint statement condemning the war and yemen saying people there can't stand another day of fighting the world health organization the world food program and unicef say the conflicts created the world's worst humanitarian crisis as widespread famine in displacement as well as an outbreak of cholera much of the country's infrastructure and health system have been destroyed by solving led coalition airstrikes and rebel shelling. egypt's former president mohamed morsy has been sentenced to three years in prison on charges of insulting the judiciary for a speech he made while in office morsi has been tried in several cases after he was deposed following mass protests and
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a military coup in two thousand and thirteen is already serving a twenty year sentence in another case on charges of inciting attacks on protesters in two thousand and twelve the top appeals court in september held a separate twenty five year term on charges of harming the national security by leaking state documents to carter's. saudi state t.v. has run the first pictures of a high profile prince who was detained for more than three weeks been arrested as part of a purge by crown prince muhammad bin sorry mom who says he was targeting corruption the prince was freed in recent days after agreeing to pay a financial settlement the son of the late king abdullah he once led the country's national guard in the video he's shown with the crown prince who is his cousin. but we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including a relatively new player on the international stage we look at french president
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emmanuel back here last. time to see a new man on the northern coast of cuba and coming up i'll tell you why the largest island of the caribbean is actually shrinking and sports are going to william's return to competitive tennis after giving birth doesn't go according to plan peter has. story coming up. to russia now with the secret service has arrested these suspected perpetrator of a bomb attack in st petersburg eighteen people were injured when the bomb ripped through a supermarket on wednesday described as an act of terror by russian president vladimir putin has claimed responsibility for the attack. russia's supreme court has upheld a ban on opposition leader alexina bali running for president next year vali has been barred because of a past conviction which he says is a politically motivated he's calling for his supporters to boycott the vote in
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march president putin is widely expected to win a fourth term. now grazes government is seeking to reverse a decision to grant asylum to one of eight turkish soldiers who fled their country during last year's failed coup saturday's ruling by a greek asylum tribunals angered turkey which has repeatedly called for the soldiers extradition great courts have so far refused believing they wouldn't receive a fair trial at home or the asylum appeals authority is still considering the cases of the other seven soldiers well let's get more on this now we're joined by richard was director of the center for political in the tree analysis at the hudson institute he's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so we can understand why the parties want these men extradited to turkey they don't want them being given asylum in greece but why is the greek government feeling this asylum do you think. well the
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the challenge that is facing the greek government like the u.s. and other nato governments is that the turkish extradition claims are often not provided with sufficient evidence so it's difficult to get a court to agree to render them back to turkey in addition there's the proper challenge again a fair trial on the other hand you can understand why the greek government doesn't want to have a decision that goes against turkey because it's the turkish government already reacted very negatively to this and so it's just safer just to postpone and defer and can and all any decision and just let this strike on the same way other countries have done not to send them back but not to give them asylum either just let the situation stayed status quo if the appeals court decides in favor of the man and his staying in greece if it doesn't drag on the status status quo just how damaging could that be to the greek to relations. i you know in the end i don't
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think it's going to have much of an impact the relationship between turkey and greece has been traditionally troubled. there was recently a prime minister present i don't want to make a trip to turkey to greece recently and try to improve it but that really had no major impact so it's not going to make matters that much worse either their hand turkey's relations are with other countries are also being challenged by the u.s. the e.u. syria and so on so i don't think the turkish government has much incentive to get into a fight with greece at the moment either well both countries have of course had tensions and the possible what why do you think what do you think is behind the recent. tension and relations. i don't think there's been a major shift i mean there's been a failed effort to to improve relations there's been quite some cooperation on the refugee question for example the greeks are trying to push turkey westward into the
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e.u. but they're longstanding territorial differences their differences over cyprus there is a story call animosities and there are number of turks who fled to greece with the soldiers you discussed but there are actually several hundred. rapid journalists and military people others who just fear persecution so i think that this is going to be a poor relationship but given turkey's population it with so many other countries i think it's not going to be a major change in the situation mr watts is very good to get you and science into this that's why it's joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. now the former president of the caution on your region has a ridge the central government in spain to accept the results of elections held earlier this month the december twenty first poll gave a slim majority to party seeking a split from spain where god is pitched
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a lot has been in brussels since being forced out his cousin is leader and threatened with arrest by minter it of this but no deal she will have on. the spanish government has a new opportunity to be here because the european democracy it clear to be and therefore recognize the results of the election that took place on december twenty first and in this way to start a political negotiation with the legitimate government of catalonia. but. that's why as president of catalonia i demand that the spanish government and the ones who back them rectify those things that no longer work restore the damage caused underpass everything they have removed without the legal permission of the cattle and people the ballot boxes have spoken democracy has spoken everyone has been able to express themselves what is really waiting for in order to accept the results to accept the will of the cattle and people. the head of germany's police union has announced the creation of a special safe side for women of the annual new year's eve party and learn critics
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say the move sends a message that women aren't safe from assault outside the designated safe area or two years ago hundreds of women reported being sexually assaulted or wrong during new year celebrations and cologne. now france's leader will head into two thousand and eight in the spring in a step after a very valid and opinion polls emanuel necron who just turned forty is being dubbed a hyper president because of his hands on approach to governing and that's one her many admirers but some criticism too has more from paris. keeping up with emanuel isn't easy the energetic young president has thrown him self into a frenzy of activity at home and abroad since being elected in may for this newspaper cartoonist sketching such a dynamic leader is proving quite a challenge. what is amazing is that we never used to draw him two years ago people talked about him and michael was a young prodigy close to president hold on but he was never q.
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ministers and we never drew him now is the president as he made it was really during the election campaign that we started sketching him a lot because he was everywhere and with. macros built a reputation in france as a straight talker and a man of action it's why many in france called him a hypo president a phrase which was used to describe former president nicolas sarkozy's hands on style. macro has taken a lead on climate change and reforming the european union he's pushed through overdraft of domestic reforms including plans to help the deprived suburbs and. not messy that you bring the money to guarantee the support the c g. i convey very clear message of hope but not a naive one. of the strong commitment of the whole nation to man or mark or has also been very active internationally he's taken a keen interest in crises such as lebanon syria and jerusalem he wants france to
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play a greater role what do you see some of his very quick to size up opportunities and when he sees opportunities he takes them we saw that with the election last year and we're seeing that now with him as president and what you said says now is there's an opportunity internationally to take on a bigger role at the start of his term across popularity was some in france said he was too arrogant but that's changed now higher in the opinion polls than any previous leader in a methodist year when. he's doing very well his refresh to french politics he's pragmatic intelligent not an idealogue he's what france needs right now these are people who want to change my core fulfills a need for chand we cannot turn now if you succeed it's early but for the time being he delivers what he promised but not everyone is convinced some say he needs to delegate more to his ministers because you don't. just if you're he's an omnipresent president you want to be in charge of everything all the time but
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that's very dangerous he's up in the polls now only sure but when things go wrong he'll be the one directly in the firing line and the one who will have to take the blame the french won't always support him. back ross says france was stagnating and he wants to restore its glory as his political party has nearly wiped out the opposition it seems that for now there is very little standing in the way of his ambitions the trash about al-jazeera. to liberia now where the new president has given his first speech sense of what in the country is a runoff election earlier this week george were able to take over from ellen johnson sirleaf as part of the first democratic transition of power in the country for more than seventy years where former world footballer of the year has pledged to fight corruption in the country. we were more the government. what ideas that have inspired our campaign and dedicated to their vote
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for the liberian people. those tools in who serve will must be dedicated to the ideas of grassroots. transformational. because a person who is looking to achieve the liberian people to the members of corruption we have no police. still ahead on the news out when we the street bombers of vancouver helping the store people's dignity the simple hey cars. and limbs of victory hopes turned to ashes and things have coming up the peter and spoke. hello there it's been bitterly cold over parts of north america recently and that
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cold snap is still with us minus twenty of the maximum in ottawa a minus fifteen in toronto there's also still quite a breeze to make it feel even colder than them pictures are slightly recovering there as we head through the day on monday this time to rome to get into a whole more innocent knowing that cold weather though is pushing a bit further south for some of us today on monday in denver maximum would just be minus four so a room drop for us it's still more oil though we now lay here all the way up to twenty three as we head down towards the central americas here the showers have been fairly subdued recently but i do think we'll see a couple more as we head through the next day or so we've always had these over parts of panama and costa rica they'll just be pushing a bit further towards the north also some of them working their way through parts of the temp and into the as well but also looks like further east will see some showers as well particularly over parts of cuba and maybe one or two just making their way into jamaica as well for south america well here plenty of showers as you
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might expect some of them very very heavy and recently it's been pretty wet in rio more heavy rain to come on sunday and for the new year it also looks like a rather rainy affair and that rain spreading down into the north of argentina. in the wake of the race riots how much can someone take before the fight for recognition is crucial we needed the heads to prevail brothers in its cause a lot of them were people things that were sort of the early jungle and the things it was a. disrespect to al-jazeera explores the history and struggles of the lebanese community in australia once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking
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about my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just the ethnic cleansing you mean marvel bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. it's good to have you with us on the l.c.r. news hour these are our top stories anti-government protests are continuing and about half a day as demonstrators clashed with police and many are angry at the state of the economy the rising cost of living and cuts to welfare benefits for such as emerge
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from syria showing children being rescued from the damascus suburb of east and following airstrikes aid agencies this week actuated twenty nine critically ill people including children from the rebel held area as part of a deal with the syrian government and a funeral has been held for a palestinian man who was shot by. the protest in gaza the twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinians confronted by the israeli military along the gaza border protesters are demonstrating against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. to indonesia now where more than seventy thousand people are facing an uncertain future as they continued living in evacuation shelters off the volcano began erupting and early november many of being forced to return into the danger zone every day to tend to their crops and livestock step vasa reports from near mount on the island of bali. human without that kill stein by helping out in an emergency kitchen his family
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sought refuge in this government shelter after they were forced to leave your village three months ago the indonesian government has ordered families not to return as long as the volcano remains at its highest alert level or sign up to that more in my future looks pretty bleak if i have to stay here in the shelter how can i pay for my children's education i've got no work here at least seventy thousand villages in the danger zone have been forced to leave their homes the three months have passed and the boredom has kicked in. these are struggling to keep them away from danger. every morning like many others goes up the mountain back to his village a thirty kilometer journey by motorbike village lies nearest to the crater and your mom knows exactly how dangerous to be just five kilometers away so bloody more than five hundred people half of its population of nine hundred sixty three eruptions
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a thick layer of hot lava and huge rocks destroyed most of the houses still many people choose to face a dangerous and return to the village to work. at the shelter. with. dangerously near and his neighbors are mining still. once and sand spewed from the eruption fifty four years ago the villages are getting some benefit from the next real disaster. i force myself to be brave enough although the government doesn't allow it i'm fed up in the shelter how long do i have to stay there so while only a little smoke comes out of the volcano i take my chance to earn some money in case there's a major eruption hopes he will have enough time to run the government continues to urge people to stay out of the danger zone its policy has recently become more lenient. because the situation is taking
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so long and because it is not always high we allow people to go back to their villages during the daytime to work and come back to the shelter at night. but newman decides not to return to the shelter and spend the night at his house trying desperately to get his old life back hoping and praying that will go back to sleep very soon stop fasten al-jazeera village. now the impact of climate change is being felt all over the world especially on. the rising water level. shrank. editors in human reports now from the cost of town of. his wife have lived by the ocean for nearly sixty years long enough to notice that something is changing especially when they look towards the key in front of them. forty or even thirty years ago during
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low tar you could walk over to the quay over there and you wouldn't get wet it was totally dry now the target is never lower than this it's all because of climate change here my daughter grew up here we didn't have this wall and i would lower down there to play on the rocks because it was dry. in high. yes a coastal town near have vanna everyone notices that the water level is rising on this no lying island it's hard to believe but i'm actually walking them top of what was a swimming pool some forty years ago removed about thirty meters away from a beach that no longer exists it's yet another undeniable example of how the ocean is eating away at much of cuba's coastline. a report prepared by the ministry of science technology and environment warns that by two thousand and fifty coastal levels will have risen twenty seven centimeters and by the end of the century it will be up by eighty five centimeters in the island to shrink
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significantly. scientists argue the climate change is also provoking more frequent and stronger hurricanes flooding and at the same time for long periods of drought inland. the climate experts who prepared the report tell us a major action plan is being implemented to confront this new reality. we are applying new practices like planting corals to increase and reproduce coral reefs and more mangroves which are key barriers for protecting the coastline and we need to adopt new construction practices in the caribbean we have experience building on stilts the list is long but scientists concede that inevitably many people will have no other choice but to leave their homes and move in. how many to ask you about. the end of the year is usually a time for. socializing with colleagues that's the norm in south korea but
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a video of nurses at a work function has sparked debate about the harassment of women in the workplace. reports from the capitol. when these women became nurses this was part of the job description video dancing at a hospital. talent show was posted on social media prompting a national conversation about something not often openly discussed in south korea the treatment of women in the workplace these nurses didn't want their identities revealed fearing repercussions at work for the talent show we were forced to duns we had to wear indecent clothes and perform sexy dances on stage and we were embarrassed. she says hospital officials sat in the front row judging the performances and that refusing to participate wasn't an option unless she could find a colleague to take her place. in south korea because of the confucian tradition of
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respecting it's difficult to say no to superiors this type of power abuse has become normal. lawyer leonis says sexual harassment is a problem for south koreans of all professions especially when junior employees are expected to drink with their bosses after hours. a year and party is a common occasion for sexual harassment people expect women to pour drinks for men or for young and pretty women to sit next to older male boss. drunk male bosses and hold their hands during these company occasions but we can't say anything because they're our bosses in the most recent government survey the majority of those who say they experienced sexual harassment took no action among the reasons given were that they thought it would make no difference and that they would be disadvantaged at work the government announced plans to impose harsher penalties for sexual harassment in november after
2:43 am
a young employee at the country's biggest furniture company hun sen accused colleagues of raping and sexually assaulting her the employment and labor ministry found the company failed to investigate the claims and fined one some about five thousand dollars. as for the talent show a hospital spokesperson said it is planning to reform the dress code and is considering getting rid of it completely kathy novak al jazeera sole. now for the third part of our series looking ahead to the big stories of two thousand and eighteen extraordinary events in zimbabwe last month so the military force long time later robert mugabe to resign and many hope the outcome of a general election in the new here will help improve the economy. standing on the world stage how taso reports now from. after decades of economic stagnation high unemployment and a shortage of cash people hope things will get better in twenty eighteen robert
2:44 am
mugabe resigned in november after the military intervened amos immanent goggle is the new president until it's. are held while they wait for an election date to be announced they are registering to vote many here say they hope no matter who wins it will be a new beginning for zimbabwe go and see a country which is full of opportunities because you know i mean you college right now i'm studying and the reason why i'm studying is because i want to work. to complete my studies and then there's no work for me to do then. in the past elections i've been marred by allegations of vote rigging and violence opposition leaders say the military and war veterans helped keep robert mugabe in power for thirty seven years the new commander of the defense forces says things will not be different and that the army will respect whatever zimbabweans decide at the polls as we prepare for the elections in twenty eighteen if. that becomes very new and
2:45 am
they were doing so for the day takes place in an environment of peace and tranquility opposition alliance members say despite morgan tsvangirai health concerns he is their presidential candidate has cancer now that mugabe is gone they say they are confident about mixture we are only always believe that from the next noise and the reason i don't run or we are going to the next government this is what they are publicly a credible voters role could help avoid another disputed election zimbabwe is compiling a new voters from will replace the old emmanuel register opposition party say it's inaccurate and is dead people's names on it be difficult mission says the plans to register nearly seven million people before elections in twenty eight as the bobbins prepare for those crucial elections they hope they'll be credible and violence free the international community has said if things go smoothly at the polls they will be eager to invest to help ease the crippling cash crisis that
2:46 am
could mean discreetly needed jobs most people waiting in line under the age of forty many unemployed. but they say for the first time in a long while there is hope that maybe it's going to be a good idea how to al-jazeera. and in the next part of our series we take a look at seven. year and wish the syrian government recaptured large areas of tree many feel the war is coming to an end but the price of peace. to canada now where for pay for living in the poorest neighborhoods. sometimes even getting a day can be a struggle but a project by three making sure that at the very least they don't have to worry about getting a decent daniel lak explains. doing good for others humans hope and humans meet the street barbers during the week ross cameron and josh work at the city's
2:47 am
top beauty salons but every sunday they're cutting combing and styling here in vancouver is downtown eastside a district where poverty and drug abuse are all too common as cameron knows for himself i have a history on the streets i was a heroin addict on that about twenty years ago i cleaned up off that and battled opiates for the last twenty years and then we started this and that's pretty much when i did my last drug the people down here were closer with them than some of our closest friends that give you the last dollar out of their pocket if you need it what you should do is come next sunday ross also spent time in the same neighborhood but he too found his way out through professional hairstyling the idea behind the street barbers he says is that no one should give up no matter how bad things get cam and i and we've all had our past situations where our failures maybe someone else's successes in the future so whatever we can do to help whether it's find work or support our shelters or just an ear when it's warm enough they work in a nearby park their nonpaying customers perched on milk crates they also cut hair
2:48 am
on the sidewalk or in back alley ways in winter they do their cutting here at the. living room a drop in center and clean needle distribution point for drug addicts the manager says sunday is the happiest day of the week for her clients and it's nice when you live in a in a society that when you're here looked upon as being poor that you're look upon as being less of a humid if these guys don't do that at all they lift us up they give us five minutes a column is it's more than just a haircut like a short up over my ears no one who puts their name on a list run by the center is turned away the street thug barbers estimate they've trimmed and shared more than five thousand heads since they began a year and a half ago bringing happiness and haircuts to a neighborhood known mostly for urban blight and homelessness daniel lack al-jazeera on vancouver's downtown eastside. they have
2:49 am
a sports news to head all the news alan it's a great start to the new tennis season for us open final this kevin anderson will have the details. june nineteenth sixty seven six days there redrew the map of the middle east this mechanism of the in-depth war of the greatest tragedy in the history of islam fifty years later al-jazeera expose the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations and tried to make. contacts through different countries and it was clear that all of this was to do all of the rule in june at this time. spawning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents live and
2:50 am
bring the stories they tell of the. opinion is not theirs. that's the feeling. we're at the borders of the russian camp for palestinian refugees will disappear soon in world news. it is time for sports now has peter. thank you very much twenty three time grand slam singles champion serena williams made a return to competitive tennis on saturday at the move the world tennis championship in. but as tatiana sanchez reports it wasn't quite the performance of
2:51 am
fans might have expected from. serena could in many ways already be themas triumphant having made her return to the court just four months after giving back to her newborn baby girl alexis and. she wasn't so triumphant in the opening set of the match though losing it six two but the thirty six year old american four back to take the feck and that showing fine for her to remove nash making the match or even. the match was then taken down to a deciding tiebreaker. the defending french open champion wild number seven stay dominant keeping williams on her time. after putting up some resistance the fighting spirit was so used to thinking three no eventually lost the finals that. motherhood's phenomenon. you know i was a little worried out there and then i looked at my my camp and i was like as
2:52 am
a limpia ok you know but it's really good i'm excited and you know it's good to be back on the court serena's effort and surely fired a warning to her rivals that next month's australian i sat on a fantasy. i spoke earlier with former w.c. a stiff dubois who is also a new mom she says motherhood is something that might inspire williams to go even further. when you become a mother of all the priory teach changes saw it's all about the baby this sleepless my it takes a toll on the body so that's why it's so incredible that she's coming back that early after giving birth and even for me yeah i tried to keep. the fitness a little bit after after but i have to say to do it at that quick and as you said there's a lot of you in your body changes and to come back at this higher level sound looking forward to see how she's going to play in the. tournaments upcoming
2:53 am
sometimes we forget that when they on the court is very tennessee and they're very focused but it can also give another perspective in the world when you're outside of the core outside of your. competition and your training you have this amazing little thing little baby that you're going to raise and i think a lot of athletes that our parents as you say that it can give us that extra. maybe joy in life certainly the they might play also longer in their careers because they have this also with their tennis so it could be. great for her even though she was a great and she was just breaking all the records in tennis having a little girl it might even though she would levy even more might still waited to go as high as she could be being a mother it's every morning you wake up and you see. your baby and there's
2:54 am
a purpose behind it us open final is kevin anderson was also in action in the abu dhabi at that same exhibition event anderson was in fine form and ended up taking the overall trophy on saturday he saw for roberto good in straight sets and in so doing adding to his trophy career collection. and before their world number five the money team recovered from an earlier loss to anderson in abu dhabi at that same event the austrian was back in form against spain's pablo got a really robust start on saturday team winning six three and six for roger federer has begun he season with a win he led switzerland's a victory over japan in the opening tie of their hopman cup match in perth mixed team event saw him line up with compared to the bench which both won the singles matches and sealed switzerland's clean sweep with a two six two one win in the fast forward doubles. and the united states of america
2:55 am
are on track for a seventh title after beating russia two one coco van the way started things off with a straight sets win over anastasio publishing former world number ajax and then they did two zero as he beat card in cut off before russia salvaged some pride with a win in the fast forward douglas. now a meaningless premier league champions chelsea were in dominant form on saturday at home against stoke city and sonya conti's men dished out a five nil hiding against the visitors they were actually three nil up inside the first twenty three minutes five different chelsea players found the back of the net as they moved to second place in the overall standings yeah i think we started. we started very well and. we wanted these wanted these and. i'm very pleased for the performance of all my players and very pleased to finish
2:56 am
another game another cliché. i think. we are showing. good solidity. liverpool did not have it as easy in their game against leicester after going one zero down mohammad sell our school twice in the second half to ensure a two one win for years and top team. now manchester united slipped to third in the table after they drew no no against southampton at old trafford a win would have seen them retake second place that obviously belongs to chelsea melbourne with pete everton two one newcastle drew with brighton and watford were beaten at home by swanzy. england's cricketers have again been denied by australia in the ashes series as their fourth day stay in melbourne ended in a draw of the captain steve smith steered the side with a century in a match that had been hit by several rain delays australia have already won the trophy back from the english after taking an unassailable three lead in the five match series the two sides now had to sydney for their final test where england
2:57 am
will be hoping to end their frustrating to where the first win in australia since twenty eleven and finally as athletes continue their preparations for the upcoming winter olympics in pyongyang one man looks likely to defend these a limping title in ski jumping then after coming away with a win at the first ski jumping world cup event of the sixty sixth for heels tournament on saturday poland's come you'll start was fourth off to a jump of a one hundred twenty six meters in his first attempt but the second round if it gave him victory at all but still in germany he produced a leap of one hundred thirty seven meters giving him the lead and he has now moved to third place in the overall world cup standings. and that's all the sport for now will have another update again later on and that are good for the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletin thank you very much for watching.
2:58 am
and there there it sounds like an agreement between a criminal both sides it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then you sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just a nominee director we're doing a an investigation into. ukraine and you've made bribes you've been corrupt and i've been on corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigations the only gods coming soon.
2:59 am
to. a partisan issue. was sam's an archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate and most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming
3:00 am
a new life is part of life it's culture. of rising food and fuel prices continue for a third day and. welcome to.


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